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Molecular Formula, C7H5NaO2

Molecular Weight, 144.11

CAS No., 532-32-1
Product: Sesame seed meal, CP>40%
Organic amino acid total: 40% min.
Moisture: 12% max.
Ash: 4.5%

Packing in 25kg, 50kg, 1000kg.
Sesame seed meal is an excellent feed stuff ...
Product: Corn starch
Crude protein: 60% min.
Full specifications, please contact us for details.
Supply ability: 50000mt. /year.
Package: 25kilo, 50kilo.
Export standard or ...
Details Detailed Description
IMO is also named Bifidus-factor because of its powerful growth stimulation of the main intestinal beneficial bacteria---Bifidobacteria is a ...
Product: Corn starch.
CAS No.: 9005-25-8
HS CODE: 11081200
Characteristics: White to slightly yellow, fine powder

Main Usages: Corn starch pharma grade is a principal product ...
Titanium dioxide, Food/cosmetic grade

CAS No. 13463-67-7
Molecular weight: 79.88
Molecular formula: TiO2
Color Index: 77891
Color Name: Pigment White 6
EINECS NO.: 2366755 ...
Molecular Formula: C4H4O4
Molecular Weight: 116.07
Character: White power or crystal solid; With sour taste; It dissolves into ethanol, slightly dissolves into water and aether ...
L-Glutamic Acid
CAS: 56-86-0

Item Limit
Description White crystals
Specific Rotation [a]D20 +31.5to +32.5
State of Solution Clear and colorlessNot less than 98.0% ...
Brine Shrimp eggs are harvested from Bohai sea or salt ponds and processed with high quality control standard.

The cysts provide the finest, nutritious nauplii for shrimp and ...
Extensively applied as additives of Phosphorous and Calcium in aquatic animals feed. Higher water solubility of MCP is required in aquatic animals feed. The ...
Product: Gluconic acid solution(food grade, industrial grade)

CAS No.: 526-95-4
Properties: Colorless to light yellow transparent syrup-like liquid, 50~52% of solution. ...
We are one of leading food additives and feed additives supplier in China. Main product msg(80%~99%min mesh 30-60, mesh40-80, powder)I+g, citric acid(CAA, CAM)sodium benzoat, ...
L-Aspartic acid
CAS Number: 56-84-8
Molecular Formula: C4H7NO4
Molecular Weight: 133.10
EINECS: 200-291-6
Density: 1.514g/cm3
Melting Point: 270 - 271 C
Boiling Point: ...
Yellow mealworm,
Dried yellow mealworm,
Yellow mealworms

Packing: Cartons, drums
Origin CN
Model Number 98.5
Brand Name Langen
CAS No. 72-19-5
Purity 98.5%

1. Structure and Properties
Name: L-Threonine (b-hydroxyl-a-aminobutyric acid)
CAS No: ...
Trisodium citrate BP93:
Appearance: White crystal powder,
Identification: Complies with the test,
Appearance of solution: Complies with the test,
Main content: 99.0-101.0%, ...
L-Asparagine monohydrate
M. F.: C4H10N2O4
M. W: 150.13

Properties: White crystals or crystalline powder, odourless, soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol and ether.
Standard: CP2005 BP2004 USP28 EP5
Packing in 100g/tin 500g/tin 100/tin
Crimson crystals or crystalline powder, flavorless and tasteless, gradually hygroscopicity. ...
This item use as a bakery, bread, cake, cookies and doughnut ingredient but also can put it on the coffee or tea for good flavour. And good taste. Sice foundation, we have always ...
Injection material: Used in producing the mannitol injection solution, reducing the encephalic pressure, the intraocular pressure etc.

Excipient of filler for tablets: Used in ...
Chemical name: Sodium Saccharin
Sodium ortho-sulphobenzimide
Molecular formula: C7H4O3NSNaH2O
M. W: 241.19
Purity: 99% min.
Moisture: 13%-15%

Performance and usuages:
The ...
Acesulfame-K is usually used in combination with aspartame or other sweeteners because it has a synergistic effect to enhance and sustain the sweet taste of foods and beverages. It ...
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Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade, we also supply feed grade.

Synonyms: Sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydrocarbonate, sodium bicarbonate,
Molecular Formula: C6H10CaO6 5H2O
Molecular Weight: 308.3

Properties: White granules or powder, no foreign odor; Easily soluble in hot water, insoluble in organic solvents
Soy lecithin is refined from soy, it is also one of the necessary fatty elements that the body needs. Soy lecithin is a basic element for the construction of human cells. It is ...
This type of silica has biggish granularity and good fluid, being the carrier, it can transform liquid to powder, and can increase the fluid and contradict agglomeration.
Molecular formula: C4H6NO4K@2H2O

Molecular weight: 207.10

Characters: White crystals or a crystalline powder, odorless, freely soluble in water

Quality standard: ...
Product name: L-Isoleucine
Shelf life: 2years
Description White crystals or crystalline powder,
Slightly bitter taste.
IdentificationConform (IR)