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English name: XYLITOL
Chemical Abstracts Registration No.: [87-99-0]
Molecular formula: C5H1205
Molecular weight: 152.15
Properties: It is white crystal or crystalline powder, ...
Product: Citric acid anhydrous(monohydrate)

White crystals 2.
Solubility: Easily soluble in water and alcohol, feebly soluble in aether
77-92-9 ...
We are one of leading food additives and feed additives supplier in China. Main product msg(80%~99%min mesh 30-60, mesh40-80, powder)I+g, citric acid(CAA, CAM)sodium benzoat, ...
Product Name: Coated vitamin C

Coated vitamin c is vitamin c with a physical protective coating that prevents the active component of vitamin c from damage by detrimental ...
Min. Order: 1,000 kilos
Specifications: 1%, 0.1%, 10%
Appearance: Pale red powder, hygroscopic
Carrier: Corn starch, mannitol, lactose, di-calcium phosphate
Standard: GB/T9841-2006
Packing in: 1kg, ...
1%, 2%, 5%
Pale red powder, hygroscopic
Carrier: Corn starch, mannitol, lactose, di-calcium phosphate
Standard: Corporation standard.
Packing in: ...
Chlortetracycline Feed Grade, CTC 15%.
15% granular: Loading 17.5MT 1x20FCL without pallets
15% powder: Loading 20MT each 1x20FCL without pallets.

Specifications as follows: ...

[Molecular formula]: C2H5NO2
[Molecular weight]: 75.07
[Structure formula]: NH2CH2COOH
[Physical-chemistry property ]: White crystal powder, sweet taste, easy to be ...
Details Detailed Description
IMO is also named Bifidus-factor because of its powerful growth stimulation of the main intestinal beneficial bacteria---Bifidobacteria is a ...
Product: Copper sulphate pentahydrate(monohydrate), feed grade

CUSO4.5H2O content no less 98.5%
Mesh size: 95% pass 840um
As: No more than 8ppm
Pb: No more than 1.5ppm.

CAS No: 24634-61-5

White to light yellow flake-like sacly crystal, crystalline powder or graininess, odorless or slight odor. Stowed in the ...
Coated Ascorbic Acid
90%, 93%, 95%, 97%
Enterprises Standard
Packing in 20kg/25kg carton or drums.
Yeast extract
Yeast extract is a pure nutural product produced from fresh yeast latex by enzymolysis, separation and concentration with blanced body-neeeded amino acids, vitamin B ...
Sodium ascorbate DC granule
Packing in 20kg Carton or drum.
Formula: NaHCO3
Molecular weight 84.01
CAS: 144-55-8
White crystals powder, easily soluble in water, water solution is faintly alkali, ...
Magnesium sulfate

Manganese is the forming element of some enzymes participating in animals′ metabolism of carbohydrate, lipid and protein. Manganese is also an anticipant ...
Konjac Gum:

25000 min., 15000min. 20000min, 10000min, 8000min, 5000min.

Applying in:

Jelly, pudding, backed foodstuff, surimi, salad seasoning, processing ...
Vitamin K3-MNB
CAS NO. 73581-79-0
M. Formula: C17H16N2O6S
M. W.: 376.23
Appearance: White to yellowish crystallline powder
Melting point: 178-180 Degree
Solubility: ...
This item use as a bakery, bread, cake, cookies and doughnut ingredient but also can put it on the coffee or tea for good flavour. And good taste. Sice foundation, we have always ...
Injection material: Used in producing the mannitol injection solution, reducing the encephalic pressure, the intraocular pressure etc.

Excipient of filler for tablets: Used in ...
Origin CN
Model Number 98.5
Brand Name Langen
CAS No. 72-19-5
Purity 98.5%

1. Structure and Properties
Name: L-Threonine (b-hydroxyl-a-aminobutyric acid)
CAS No: ...
Molecular Formula: C6H10CaO6 5H2O
Molecular Weight: 308.3

Properties: White granules or powder, no foreign odor; Easily soluble in hot water, insoluble in organic solvents
Titanium dioxide, Food/cosmetic grade

CAS No. 13463-67-7
Molecular weight: 79.88
Molecular formula: TiO2
Color Index: 77891
Color Name: Pigment White 6
EINECS NO.: 2366755 ...
Chemical name: Sodium Saccharin
Sodium ortho-sulphobenzimide
Molecular formula: C7H4O3NSNaH2O
M. W: 241.19
Purity: 99% min.
Moisture: 13%-15%

Performance and usuages:
The ...

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